p4 Performance Measures

While at ReMake Group, I worked on the development and production of the p4 Performance Measures document. The 'Measures' were finalized and released in conjunction with the second p4 Conference in October 2016.

The Pittsburgh p4 Performance Measures is a project of the p4 Initiative, an initiative launched in 2015 to create a sustainable, innovative, and incisive model for development designed to establish Pittsburgh as a "city of the future" through a central unifying framework: People, Planet, Place, and Performance. The intent of the Performance Measures was to "create a quantifiable system of metrics that would inform and improve decision-making on public investments in development projects." The Performance Measures are composed of 12 Performance Measures, including: Community, Opportunity, Economy, Housing, Land Public, Connect, Rainwater, Air, Energy, Innovation, and Design.