Lytle Street

Hazelwood Green’s newly constructed Lytle Street accomplishes many firsts for Pittsburgh: protected sidewalk-level bicycle lanes, chicanes, reduced on-street parking, raised intersections, and an emphasis on green infrastructure and landscaping. But, first and foremost, Lytle Street demonstrates an intentional re-allocation of right-of-way space for all modes of mobility to put people and safety first. Lytle Street was privately funded and built to be turned over the City as a public right-of-way and connect to an existing street in the neighborhood. In Fall 2017, a complete re-design of the original street plan was completed (with partners such as BikePGH) to envision this concept that reflects the site’s values and contributes to driving the mode shift away from SOV to meet climate, equity, and health goals. Following finalization of the concept, I oversaw that the concept, vision and goals were maintained throughout the design and approval process and during construction by working with design team, the contractors, and City staff.

Client: Almono LLC

Design & Construction Team: KU Resources, Mele & Mele, Oxford Development, and ReMake Group.

Lytle Street Section 2-01.jpg