A Pittsburgh native, with an affinity for the wildness of nature and the urban.


A bit about me.

Beside joining the sailing team before I knew how to sail, while attending the University of Washington, I double-majored in Environmental Studies and Political Science. My time in college included coursework that ranged from life-cycle analysis to environmental economics to the history of modern architecture, and even a joining of both majors in an internship at the EPA on sustainable product packaging policy.

After graduating, I delved into the multitude of benefits of green spaces in cities with the Green Cities: Good Health project. Following this peek into how public space affects all aspects of human health, I went on to spend a summer at UC Berkeley in an introductory landscape architecture program. This summer was not only a crash course in all things design, but an important glimpse of what designing for people and sense of space really meant, which I would carry forward to my time in graduate school.

While pursuing my Master's in City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, I concentrated in Land Use and Environmental Planning, while also earning an Urban Design Certificate. Housed within PennDesign, I frequently sought interdisciplinary courses that collaborated with students in other departments, such as a Landscape Architecture studio and the ULI Hines Competition (my team received an honorable mention).

Following graduation I took a job at O2 Planning + Design in Calgary, working on planning projects that ranged from long-term growth strategies to policy work in a municipal development plan. Aside from a handful of freelance, contract work, my position at O2 was my first experience in the consulting world. This valuable experience I've carried over to my current position with ReMake Group, which includes a number of project management tasks, as well as bringing together knowledge and skills from across my experiences. 

As the child of two city planners, the complexity of social, economic, and environmental challenges facing today's populations has been a constant in my life. My academic and professional experience reflects my belief that these challenges must be addressed in a coordinated, interdisciplinary effort, between different industries and upon the agency of both the public and private sectors.